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At Delany, we never rest on our past achievements like our first Flush Valve, the Flushboy, patented in 1927 or the other patented products like Rubber Sleeve Vacuum Breaker, introduced in 1945, or the Rubberflex Handle and Regulating Screw brought out in the 1950’s. As the industry entered the electronic age in late 80’s, it was Delany that first patented the top mounted, battery powered, sensor activated Flush Valve, the Impulse in 1988.

Today’s Delany Products started the innovations from the first Flush Valve we introduced, the Saber. The Saber, with the smallest upper chamber on the market and proprietary diaphragm design, is the only Flush Valve proven to eliminate water hammer. We proved this in 2019, in Toledo, Ohio where we tested the Saber with empirical data. Please follow the link to sign up for our webinar. In addition, the Saber’s Recessed Hexnut design provides a clean sleek scratch proof cover.

Other innovations introduced include the company’s first Piston Valve, the sleek and sexy Empire, the redesign of the original Flushboy into the ULTRA and the Pulsar. Recently in 2016 we brought out the beautiful TruSense, the company’s updated hardwired product.

Now we are delighted to introduce the TruStop with TruChek. This patented design introduces the tried-and-true ball valve design to the Flush Valve. With the TruStop, never again will hospitals, universities, prisons or any other commercial institution have to turn the water off to entire bathrooms or wings of a building just to fix ONE control stop. This innovative, leak free design will save significant time and money. In December 2021, the new TruEDGE was introduced to the Delany product line-up. This state of the art top mounted battery powered sensor activated flush valve comes standard with the TruStop.

Delany Differences

The Delany Differences are features, benefits and a design philosophy that separate Delany from everyone other “Me-Too” product on the market, both in terms of looks and features to benefit the end user.

SIMPLICITY in DESIGN, is the approach that Delany Products follows to make the most simple and straightforward flush valve in the commercial plumbing market. Our goal is to create products that are easier to work with which over time become the most cost effective. The Simplicity in Design approach also creates products with simple clean lines whether it is the Saber with its hex-nut-free look, or the redesign of the Flushboy into the ULTRA, or even the streamlined style of the TrueSense. In 2021 Delany took that same approach with the design of the TruStop control stop thatis modern and sleek. Paired with the other Delany Product valves, it is Simplicity in Design.

Other Delany Differences built into every product include:

The Regulating Screw

Patented in 1948, Delany’s signature regulating screw allows the discharge to be matched to real world circumstances when they are less than perfect, ultimately providing actual water saving with an approach called True-in-the-Field-Water Conservation. In 2012, the Saber valve introduced a state-of-art regulating screw, the Upper Chamber Regulating Screw. This innovation, found only in the Saber, was designed specifically for HET (High Efficiency Toilet) valves of today. The Upper Chamber Regulating Screw allows the Saber to be fine-tuned with small changes to the sensitive screw.

The Mashaerator

The Mashaerator is NOT a copycat filtering or screen approach to the problem of clogged or blocked diaphragm bypasses. It is instead the Market’s first ever self-cleaning bypass that keeps the bypass open and clean by deflecting debris away or helping it pass through. It is also superior in hard water environments by helping to prevent build up in the bypass orifice.

The Rubberflex Handle

Our handle has a leak-free seal made from a chloramine resistant material that is ADA Compliant. Additionally, the Rubberflex Handle allows for easy repairs at a fraction of the cost compared to competitor’s handles.

The Replaceable Main Valve Seat

Offers the most cost-effective solution in cases of wire draw or scoring, meaning there is no need to replace the entire valve. And it allows for the fastest and most thorough flushing of the water lines at the job’s completion.

Fewer Moving Parts and Never Any Springs

This is the heart of the Simplicity in Design philosphy. By having designs with fewer moving parts and never using springs there is less chance of parts breaking down and the result is a more care free product that is importantly cost effective to maintain.

Water Savings

Delany believes in the critical nature of saving water for the future of our plant. But we also understand save water does not happen in the lab alone. True water savings comes from the design of products that take the advances found in the lab and combine them with practical solutions for the real world.

True-in-the-Field-Water Conservation

At Delany, we understand the problems of the real world. Then employing the Simplicity in Design approach, we design products are simple and easier to that also allow us to achieve water savings. That is True-in-the-Field Water Conservation!

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Dual Flush Water Saving Products

Delany provides water savings with two dual flush options; manual or automatic. Dual flush means that the valves provide two flushes. A heavier flush volume for solid waste and a 30% or 20% water savings lighter volume for liquid waste. The SmartHandle is Delany’s manual option and it comes in a 1.6 gpf and 1.1 gpf verison as well as a 1.28 gpf and 1 gpf lighter volume. The Pulsar V2.0 is a sensor activated flush valve that automatically detrmines whether a heavier or lighter discharge should be used. This is comes in a 1.6 gpf to 1.1 gpf version.

SmartHandle (Manual Dual Flush)

TruEDGE Dual Flush (Automatic Dual Flush)

Founded in 1879, our experience will help you make the right decision for your project.

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Recessed Hex Nut:

The resessed hex nut provides beautiful clean lines, while at the same time making the valve nearly scratch proof on installation and/or maintenance.


Upper Chamber Regulator Screw:

Delany's signature Regulating Screw now with upper chamber regulation ability allows for maximum field adjustability and True-in-the-Field water conservation.


Upper Chamber:

The market's smallest upper chamber allows for the most consistent performance across the broadest range of water pressures.


SlipFit Joint Connection:

The SlipFit joint connection allows the Saber to fit any existing Slip Joint Stop in the field.


Replaceable Main Valve Seat:

The market's only replacable main valve seat allows for the most cost effective solution in the case of wire drawing or scoring, while also providing the most effective way for a contractor to totally flush the water lines of debris at a job's completion.


Vacuum Breaker:

All Delany vacuum breakers are made from a chloamine resistant material.


Diaphragm with Mashaerator:

Delany's Mashaerator is the market's only self-cleaning bypass. A stainless steel wire loop helps to deflect debris while also preventing hard water build-up in the bypass. Why wait for a filter to clog, when you can keep the bypass open and clean with the Mashaerator. All Delany diaphragms are also made from chloramine resistant material.


Rubberflex Handle Assembly:

Delany's Rubberflex Handle Assembly provides a leak free seal that lasts and is easy for owners to repair at a fraction of the cost of competitors' handles. It is also both ADA compliant as well as chloramine resistant.

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“The Chesterfield County School System is the third largest public county school system in the state of Virginia. We have been using Delany Products (previously Coyne & Delany) flush valves for almost 60 years. As head of the county’s maintenance department for 35 of those 40 some years, I personally have a lot of experience with these products. the Delany flush valves are one of only two valves that we will allow in any of schools’ buildings.”

Plumbing & Roofing Team Leader,
Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA

Donald Field