Valve Operation

Valve at rest

The upper chamber and lower chamber are both filled with water at supply line pressure.

Start of flush

As the handle is depressed, the operating stem pushes against the stem of the auxiliary valve, tilting the head of the auxiliary valve on its seat. Immediately, a quantity of water is released from the upper chamber into the outlet of the flush valve. Since the pressure in the upper chamber is reduced, the pressure in the lower chamber forces the diaphragm upward.

Valve fully opened

The diaphragm rises upward until its stroke is halted by the contact with the regulating screw in the valve cover. The auxiliary valve is reseated on the auxiliary valve seat. Syphonic action of fixture takes place at this point.

Valve closing

Flushing action continues until enough water enters the upper chamber through the bypass orifice in the diaphragm to refill the upper chamber and equalize the pressure with that of the lower chamber.

The area subject to pressure on the upper side of the diaphragm is greater than the area subjected to pressure on the lower side. Hence, once the pressure has been equalized, the diaphragm begins to slowly descend to the main valve seat, closing off the flow of water and completing the cycle.


Recessed Hex Nut:

The resessed hex nut provides beautiful clean lines, while at the same time making the valve nearly scratch proof on installation and/or maintenance.


Upper Chamber Regulator Screw:

Delany's signature Regulating Screw now with upper chamber regulation ability allows for maximum field adjustability and True-in-the-Field water conservation.


Upper Chamber:

The market's smallest upper chamber allows for the most consistent performance across the broadest range of water pressures.


SlipFit Joint Connection:

The SlipFit joint connection allows the Saber to fit any existing Slip Joint Stop in the field.


Replaceable Main Valve Seat:

The market's only replacable main valve seat allows for the most cost effective solution in the case of wire drawing or scoring, while also providing the most effective way for a contractor to totally flush the water lines of debris at a job's completion.


Vacuum Breaker:

All Delany vacuum breakers are made from a chloamine resistant material.


Diaphragm with Mashaerator:

Delany's Mashaerator is the market's only self-cleaning bypass. A stainless steel wire loop helps to deflect debris while also preventing hard water build-up in the bypass. Why wait for a filter to clog, when you can keep the bypass open and clean with the Mashaerator. All Delany diaphragms are also made from chloramine resistant material.


Rubberflex Handle Assembly:

Delany's Rubberflex Handle Assembly provides a leak free seal that lasts and is easy for owners to repair at a fraction of the cost of competitors' handles. It is also both ADA compliant as well as chloramine resistant.

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“The Chesterfield County School System is the third largest public county school system in the state of Virginia. We have been using Delany Products (previously Coyne & Delany) flush valves for almost 60 years. As head of the county’s maintenance department for 35 of those 40 some years, I personally have a lot of experience with these products. the Delany flush valves are one of only two valves that we will allow in any of schools’ buildings.”

Plumbing & Roofing Team Leader,
Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA

Donald Field